Legislated Freight Rates are on the Cards

legislated freight rates are on the cards

In the wake of the Transport Industry Standards Forum convened by Senator Glenn Sterle at Parliament House in Canberra, it looks like legislated freight rates are on the cards, if a Labor Government is formed after the coming federal election.

Senator Sterle emerged from the meeting commending the 70 organisation which took part in the discussions, talked about the squeeze coming from the top of the trucking industry, describing the situation as an existential crisis.

The Senator stated clearly, if Labor win the election, that the government will implement ‘legislated rates’ which address the problem of the ‘squeeze’ from the top. He did not go into any further detail, suggesting any legislation will follow a period of consultation with the whole industry, following on from the Transport Industry Standards Forum. 

NatRoad was part of the discussions at Parliament House on what the future of the transport industry may look like under a Labor government.

“It was a great opportunity to come together with the Labor Party, the TWU and other Industry associations to discuss a sustainable future for transport with Senator Sterle,” said Warren Clark after the forum.

He said discussions were positive, with everyone providing valuable suggestions on how to address the challenges the transport industry faces, and steps that need to be taken to improve safety outcomes.

“It was encouraging to discuss a united way forward for the transport industry, and I look forward to continuing the conversation with Senator Sterle,” said Warren

“It is clear that the tide is turning and that our industry is united in pushing for a way to make things better,” said Michael Kaine, Transport Workers Union National Secretary. “The industry realises that a huge gap has been left since a road safety watchdog was torn down and that rates, payment deadlines, safety and sustainability has gotten worse. 

“We believe that the ALP got the policy right in December at their national conference and that binding legislation to tackle the gross imbalances and a skewed power dynamic in our industry is the way forward. We look forward to moving ahead now and pushing for the implementation of this policy.”


legislated freight rates are on the cards