Let The Show Begin

The International Truck , Trailer and Equipment Show, happening every two years at Melbourne Showgrounds, has become a regular part of the truck landscape. It’s on again this year on May 5-7. This year the organisers have come up with a different concept, widening the scope of the show to include live demonstrations, as well as the waste and roads industries.


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According to ITTES Show Director, Simon Coburn, the event is shaping up to be the largest display of heavy vehicles ever staged in Australia. Apart from the trucks and trailers the two additions to the show mix, Waste management in Action and the Roads & Civil Works Expo, will add more heavy vehicles to the spectacle.


“We will treat our audience to the largest array of working trucks in the history of Australian transport,”says Coburn. “We will move away from the classic showroom feel and introduce more of a hands-on atmosphere, with outdoor test tracks and ample moving displays so you can experience what our industry truly is all about.”


Coburn says with support from the Victorian transport and logistics industry, the Show will showcase real-life working trucks in full livery to demonstrate the importance of the trucking industry for the local economy and the Australian nation at large.


It is expected the ITTES will see more than a dozen Australian and world premieres, with vehicles and equipment on show to the public for the first time. It has also attracted a good deal of international media attention.


Some of the truck manufacturers involved are keeping their powder dry as to what models may or may not be on show at the ITTES. Volvo is one which has confirmed but remains tight lipped about the nature of the group’s display.


The longest serving stalwart of Australian trucking will be making its latest appearance under a new guise. The newest Iveco Acco will be on show at the Waste Management in Action part of the action. The new truck will be highlighting all of its safety features, now a vital component of any working truck design.


“Trucks are the true workhorses driving our economy, and that’s the message the Melbourne Truck Show will get across on our behalf,” says Peter Anderson, Victorian Trucking Association CEO, who will host the Association’s Freight Outlook Seminar as part of the ITTES. “It’s paramount for the success of our industry that events like ITTES create public awareness and make the work we do accessible and understandable for everyone. Showing real life working trucks is the best way to achieve that goal. In that sense, ITTES is an important building block for the success of Australian trucking as a whole.”