Let’s have some real reality

Globally, Volvo have been  spending a lot of time and effort in the video space in the past few years. There were, of course, the series of stunt YouTube videos, culminating with Jean Claude Van Damme and his epic split. There is also a reality TV series, Reality Road, now available online at YouTube (see below). The question is, from the point of view of the humble punter, what relevance does this video have to me and what has it got to do with trucks and trucking? It’s just entertainment.


The Volvo team in Australia have come up something we can relate to, does have some genuine quality, tells a story worth telling (and the Volvo brand gets a mention!). This first video features Danny Matic, he tells his story eloquently and simply.


This is joined by another, heart wrenching, story from Gavin Blue, who spends most of his working life photographing trucks:


The third story is of about Max Winkless, a name synonymous with Volvo in Australia. He tells it well:


Of course if you do want to binge watch a reality TV show then here it is in all its glory: