Linfox Closing Gap

Linfox has unveiled its latest initiative to engage the company with its indigenous workers and the indigenous population. The company has created a highly visible logo demonstrating its commitment to closing the employment gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.


IES launch web pic_small


Specially branded trailers bearing Linfox Logistics’ Indigenous logo have taken to the roads, coinciding with the development of the next stage of the business’ Indigenous Engagement Strategy.



Linfox says it has already laid the foundations for the strategy with more than 200 sustainable jobs created over the past five years.



The company’s strategy is focused on creating meaningful and sustainable jobs supported by cultural awareness, and business and community engagement for indigenous employees.



From entry into the Linfox business, indigenous Australians are equipped with the skills and training to join Linfox whether it be on site, at head office, or on the road.