Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award

Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award

Diesel News has been talking about Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award this week in the news.


Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award


In Melbourne, Linfox is saying the CityLink toll increase is premature and should be delayed until current road works are complete. Linfox argues CityLink has reduced amenity and is delivering less value during roadworks, travel speeds have decreased by as much as 20 per cent since February last year and the reduced sign-posted speeds (80 km/h vs 100 km/h), traffic interruptions and diversions have increased Linfox running costs.

In its statement, Linfox asserts the haulage, logistics and supply chain industries operate on low margins and the increased cost of tolls will be passed onto customers and, ultimately, consumers. The company also point to Linfox analysis, which it has shared with City Link owners Transurban, which shows that speeds on Citylink have diminished over time.



Following the announcement of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator funding for the ATA Safety Truck, an award for rural operators who create a safer and more innovative heavy vehicle industry will be up for grabs. The new award was announced at the combined Australian Livestock and Rural Transport Association and Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland Conference in Toowoomba.

“I want to recognise those operators who take a proactive approach to safety across the road transport sector,” said Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO. “This award will highlight the shared interest of government and industry in improving safety and compliance generally. Safety is paramount to the NHVR and we want to encourage all operators to be proactive and responsible in doing everything they can to have the highest safety procedures in place.”



In NSW, a chain of responsibility case is causing some concern for operators and consignors. In 2015, a containerised shipment of steel lengths was intercepted by RMS, and they formed the view the load was insufficiently restrained and did not meet the Performance Standards set out in the Load Restraint Guide. RMS alleged the steel lengths were insufficiently secured

RMS issued an infringement notice to the transport operator, which was challenged unsuccessfully with the transport operator’s fine increased and being ordered to pay thousands in Court costs. RMS has now commenced a load restraint prosecution against the logistics provider who booked the transport.



Following the release by the Australian Government of a Draft Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on vehicle emissions standards, which considers mandating the Euro VI standard for new trucks., the ATA represented its members at a forum on vehicle emissions at Parliament House.

“The ATA was delighted to participate in the ministerial stakeholder forum on vehicle emissions, and presented a series of points for the Government to consider as it develops its policy options”, said Ben Maguire, ATA CEO.