Linfox, Productivity and the Hall of Fame

Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award

News items this week include Linfox, productivity and the Hall of Fame, as well as a Technical Forum from the NHVR and a healthy truckie initiative.


Linfox, Productivity and the Hall of Fame


Linfox has invested more than $50 million in a national supply chain hub, the national distribution centre incorporates secondary packaging facilities and is part of a broader plan to enhance the Australian pharmaceutical supply chain by bringing the latest technology to increase efficiency and transparency to supply chain processes. Aspen, MundiPharma, Perrigo and ResMed are now among the brands passing through Linfox’s 9,000m2, temperature controlled facility.


Located in New South Wales, the purpose-built facility has ambient, chilled and frozen storage areas. It caters to a range of ambient and temperature sensitive products and can hold up to 30,000 pallets.


Last weekend, Australia’s road transport community gathered in Alice Springs to celebrate the 21st annual National Road Transport Hall of Fame Reunion. More than 450 individuals from around the nation were on hand to acknowledge the unnoticed heroes who keep Australia moving.


69 individuals were inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame and father and son duo Gary Radford OAM and Stephen Radford OAM were named as the 2016 Icons of the Industry for their significant contributions to the road transport industry in Australia.


“The reunion is a wonderful opportunity for drivers from all over Australia to come together, support the award winners and inductees, and celebrate a lifetime of dedication to the trucking industry,” said Liz Martin, Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame.


National Transport Commission CEO, Paul Retter, said operators, associations and government bodies will be asked to help the NTC develop a new framework to define and measure Australia’s land transport productivity. A framework to help governments and industry keep track of Australia’s land transport productivity performance could enable governments to make better laws and regulations, infrastructure investment decisions and operational improvements to Australia’s transport network.


“There is an old saying that you can’t really improve what you don’t measure,” said Retter. “This project will help us define and measure land transport productivity so we can ensure Australia’s strategies, action plans and future decisions deliver the benefits we need.”


Download the proposal here. 


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s new technical forum is a key step to delivering safety and productivity improvements for the trucking industry, according to Australian Trucking Association CEO, Chris Melham.


“The ATA is a vocal supporter of practical measures to improve road safety and using technology to deliver safety and productivity improvements for the trucking industry,” said Melham. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity the new technical working group will provide to contribute to technical issues that impact on industry, such as the outcomes of the National Roadworthiness Survey and the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual.


“The ATA has a long standing involvement in technical issues, and these can now be channelled to the NHVR through our participation in the new working group.”


The  forum was also welcomed by the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia and its affiliate organisation, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, saying it would provide industry advice on safety systems and technologies that are able to be applied to Australia’s heavy vehicle truck fleet.


A trucking health initiative, known as The Healthy Truckie, has been started by Ingrid Yuile, a health worker travelling around regional Australia. Ingrid works as a Sonographer and health coach, travelling to hospitals around regional Australia offering care to those who need it most.


“The idea for The Healthy Truckie came to me in November 2015 when working in Kingaroy,” said Ingrid. “I’ve met heaps of truckies all over the place but for some reason, Kingaroy is where inspiration struck. I was scanning fellas that had to stop working early because their blood sugar was out of control, or they have retired but are suffering the consequences of chronic disease developed over three decades of driving.”


Those interested are asked take on the 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge.