Linfox using dual-load trailers capable of transporting 48 pallets for Arnott’s contract

Linfox has commissioned the manufacture of six specialised dual-load trailers, capable of transporting 48 pallets per trip for its contract with biscuit maker Arnott’s.

FMCG National Manager, Steven Paine said the partnership dates back to 2004 and benefits from regular continuous improvement projects.

“The dual-load trailers will offer increased efficiencies, allowing the transport of two orders to two distinct locations in one trip,” Steven said.

“A 1,000m2 cool room at our multi-user site in Canningvale, Perth was recently installed to accommodate Arnott’s unique inventory requirements.

“Arnott’s is one of 10 customers at the multi-user site which offers significant economies of scale by sharing labour and equipment.”

Linfox provides a one-stop-shop supply chain network for Arnott’s, managing five DCs across Australia and providing a total transport solution. Arnott’s produces six billion biscuits per year for customers throughout Australia and around the world.