Little Trucks All In A Row

Truck platooning in Europe is explained by this video. Clearly, many of these ideas are not going to get far on Australian roads, but the technology will be there to be adapted for use in our very different road conditions. The surprising feature is the timeline, less that ten years before they intend to have a fully integrated comprehensive multi-brand platooning system in place for everyone to use.


Here is footage of platooning convoys from all over Europe converging at a recent event in Rotterdam, where all of the European truck manufacturers demonstrated how far down the technological track they are:


This video explains the cooperation and development required in the consortium which created the DAF Trucks platoon:


Here is the Volvo convoy, on its way to Rotterdam, navigating through the bust traffic on Belgium’s motorway system:


Here MAN hit the road after testing the platoon’s braking systems:


The platooning trucks are greeted in Rotterdam on a windy cold day at the dockside: