Load Management One Stop Shop

load management one stop shop

Since the company’s inception over twenty years ago, Silverback has grown to become a supplier of all load restraint needs to road transport operators, a load management one stop shop.

Getting load restraint right is vital in the current compliance climate in the trucking industry. Freight must be securely loaded and restrained using the correct equipment with the correct rating, every time.

 Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law in October 2018 include specific requirements for everyone involved in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain to ensure safety in transport activities. This includes a responsibility to ensure loads are secured appropriately. The 2018 update of the NTC Load Restraint Guide is an excellent resource for transport operators to use in ensuring their load restraint methodology is correct.

 Silverback Cargo Care started out in Melbourne in 1995 and has grown over time to serve an Australia-wide customer base. It has fully stocked warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, including a complete range of load restraint products. 

 Each of the four warehouses has a showroom where customers can walk in, check out the extensive range and buy off the shelf. There is also an online shop for B2B and B2C transactions and additionally, Silverback cater for account customers. It’s also worthwhile noting that Silverback has a network of knowledgeable account managers available to help solve alost any cargo care problem you can imagine.

 “Our products are probably at the high end of the quality spectrum,” says Dave Crooks, Silverback CEO. “The key differentiator for us, is you don’t have to come and see us for straps, then go to a different company for stretch wrap and visit somewhere else for DG signage, safety gear and spill gear. You can get it all from us. 

 “Our load restraint equipment is Silverback branded, Silverback specified and as far as the relevant Australian Standards are concerned, we are the manufacturer. Where there is a relevant Australian Standard to be met, our products include a Silverback compliance tag and we supervise the test regime for the manufacture of the equipment. There are batch test certificates for every load restraint product we supply.

 Silverback maintains a very close relationship with its network of factories. Each one is visited annually and re-inspected and re-certified during that visit.

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The company has its own network of delivery vehicles and in many areas, if the product is ordered in the morning it can be delivered same day, while afternoon orders will arrive the next day.

 “The majority of our customers are transport companies,” says Dave. “So, they drive past our branches pretty regularly and often arrange their own collection. This collect option is particularly attractive for remote operations.”

 In terms of items like spill and emergency response equipment, Silverback can offer a service where they will come to the customer and check equipment regularly, ensuring compliance and replenishing used or expired product. “We can come and do an assessment of a transport site, if you want to maintain 100 per cent compliance with dangerous goods and environmental regulation,” says Dave.

 Anything which is specified by the Load Restraint Guide can be sourced from Silverback. Each item available exceeds, by some margin, the specifications required by the guide. 


load management one stop shop