Load Restraint, The Checkaload Solution

Preventative Maintenance is Vital

There are problems with getting load restraint right for many operators, here we look at one of the products designed to help with load restraint, the Checkaload solution.

Load Restraint, The Checkaload Solution

Load restraint regulations are based on G forces, with lots of potential methods of securing any given load. There are so many myths and misunderstandings that sometimes it all seems to be a subjective muddle.

The real problem is that if we get it wrong, people can die. In fact, between four and five Australians are killed in road accidents each year, where the root cause is a load-restraint disaster.

21st Century Solution

Checkaload is a new app for your Apple or Android phone or tablet, which can assess whether your load is legally compliant. Jointly developed by Australia’s best mobile network, Telstra, and Australia’s largest and leading load restraint specialist, Engistics, the app enables users to finally measure load-restraint compliance – scientifically and consistently.

How Does it Work? 

The app can’t tell you what method to use – instead, it asks the user ‘intelligent’ questions about a load, and then calculates whether the load meets the G forces in all directions, as proscribed by law. It gives you a simple answer, with a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ in a graphic format.

Whether the answer is pass or fail, it will then ask if you want to take (up to four) photos of the load.

After this, the whole input and output file, along with the photos, is time and date stamped and sent to tamper-proof Telstra Cloud storage in Australia. It is sent via the mobile phone network, when next in range.

The app also sends a PDF file by email to the user as proof of compliance for the driver, proof for the consignor that the load is legal to go, proof of non-compliance for an inspector or policeman – up to a full evidentiary standard.

Consignors or transport companies can use the app’s results as part of compliance audits – it’s a great tool for ensuring Chain of Responsibility security.

What Happens if Checkaload Shows as a Fail?

There is an option, called ‘Fix a Fail’, that will tell you how many more lashings to use (if a tie-down case) or the size of the chain needed (for a direct lashing case).

The user can then fix the load and run another check to prove compliance.

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