Looking After Your Wheel-ends

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The Wheel End Security Technical Advisory Procedure (TAP) has been updated and the new TAP is available online. This advisory procedure provides best-practice advice and extensive technical information on every aspect of wheel security, covering the types of wheels used, removal and installation procedures, checking the wheel assembly and manufacturer torque recommendations.


A wheel off can be defined as the separation of a tyre and rim assembly from a vehicle due to the failure of component performance. This failure can be due to component fatigue, installation techniques, maintenance procedures and/or lack of follow up procedures.


Wheel offs cause downtime and equipment damage, Of far more importance, they may cause personal injury or a fatality.


Drivers should also be made aware of how they can check wheel integrity during a journey. The advisory procedure includes advice on how to perform these inspections, as well as a guide to help drivers estimate tightening torque when changing wheels out on the road.


This guidance means that drivers can have confidence in the safety of a changed wheel until they can get back to the workshop.


The advisory procedure was developed by the Australian Trucking Association’s Industry Technical Council, which includes operators and suppliers with leading expertise in truck technology and can be downloaded here.


All of the TAPs issued by the ATA should be seen as a guide only, and their use is entirely voluntary. Recommendations or procedures may not be suitable for or applicable to all operators. Operators should consider their own circumstances, practices and procedures when using the TAP.


Operators must comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), the Australian Vehicle Standards Regulations, roadworthiness guidelines and any specific information and instructions provided by manufacturers in relation to the vehicle systems and components.