Looking for a Positive Future

If you are looking for positive future for the trucking industry in Australia, it has to come from the young people involved at the ground level.

It was great to meet a young man with a very smart truck who retains some of the values which have made the trucking industry what it is today, alongside an enthusiasm for the industry and desire to do the right thing. Add to that a damn fine truck with a stunning paint finish, albeit on a rainy day in Adelaide.

Looking for a Positive Future

The white truck standing in the yard is clearly different. At first glance, it’s a white truck with some blue stripes pulling a pair of tipper trailers with some nifty graphics down the side. These are proclaiming the product the Patersons Bulk Transport spends most of its time carrying, Cooke Plains Gypsum.

However, the eye does get drawn back to the Mack Superliner, there is something about the look of the truck, it seems to glow or shimmer. Approaching it, the quality of the paint finish becomes clear, the depth of the colour and shine. Around sunset the white is said to take on a blue hue by its proud operator, Sam Paterson.

When Diesel spoke to him, Sam had been driving the truck for two months and just settling into it. “Me and Dad really love our trucks,” said Sam. “The old man’s got a Southern Cross, so we fight for front spot in the shed, I like mine and he likes his.”

The conversation always returns to Sam’s gleaming white Mack Superliner. “I only drive the truck five or six months of the year, so it’s not like I am going to clock up massive kms, no-one else will drive it.”

Looking for a Positive Future

Apart from the paint job, the truck has a number of innovative features. One is the inside mounting for the adblue tanks. They sit around the drive shaft to enable a bigger fuel capacity for some of the longer runs. This is a feature seen in the Volvo product and adapted across into Mack models where fuel capacity can be critical. Sam’s truck has a fuel capacity over 1800 litres as a result.

The filler cap for the adblue tank emerges behind the fuel tank and it has been hidden by a hinged part of the walkway over the tanks leaving the cap hidden under one of the steps. It is so well concealed, Sam has managed to convince truck stop busy bodies his truck doesn’t use adblue.

Here’s a young man with his head screwed on and with a good looking truck to boot. He is looking to the future, seeing how the business can keep up with the competition and develop further.

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Author: Tim Giles

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