Low-Cost Telematics

Many small operators are looking for low-cost telematics, as they baulk at the costs involved in some of the mainstream telematics on sale. A small start-up business from the other side of the ditch is entering the Australia trucking market with a simple solution to an ongoing problem for owner operators and small fleets.

Low-Cost Telematics

Unable to afford back-end business systems to manage the day-to-day business of running a trucking operation, smaller enterprises usually have to rely on a paper-based system. This brings with it a number of issues – paper gets lost, pricing has to wait for the return of paperwork and then, at the end of the day, all transactions have to be entered by hand into the business’ bookkeeping system.


MyTrucking has developed a simple cloud-based set-up which owners and drivers can connect to via an app on their phone. It has a single-entry system to commence a job, which will follow the job through to invoicing. The job information is immediately captured in the cloud and details of the job are then sent to the driver’s phone. If the task requires paperwork to be signed, the driver simply photographs the signed proof of deliver (POD) and uploads it onto the app.


If the operator wants to use the option, the job can be automatically priced, as the system looks at the last time the operator did the job. Once the job is in the system, it will work its way through the process and create and send the invoice when completed.


All of this data is then sent directly into the company’s accounting system. MyTrucking originally only worked with the Xero accounting software, but has now introduced MYOB, and Reckon is coming on board soon.

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Author: Tim Giles

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