Magnum Leap

There was no competition for video of the week this week. The image of a semi truck jumping over a Formula One car is impossible to resist. The truck used is a Renault Magnum, an updated version of the unsuccessful Mack Magnum, released here in Australia over ten years ago.

It would be interesting to see the state of the truck’s suspension after a pretty hard landing. The door of the truck did come open as it hit the deck but the driver, Mike Ryan, was securely fastened into his seat.   In fact, the Lotus F1 team and their collaborators EMC have released very little information about the jump, but there is a behind the scenes video available at their website.

Mike Ryan does have some form when it comes to handling a truck.

Here he is drifting a mine truck:

Plus, here creating mayhem at a container dock

Of course, it has nothing to do with this Magnum Leap: