Major Changes in the Courier and Parcel Industry

An industry report is highlighting major changes in the courier and parcel industry. The Ferrier Hodgson Industry Postcard points to the introduction of new players, like Uber Sherpa, Zoom2u and Sendle, who are disrupting the traditional players in the the distribution of parcels.


Major Changes in the Courier and Parcel Industry


“Unlike traditional courier and parcel delivery businesses, Uber is able to deliver passengers and parcels at the same time,” said the postcard. “It’s the flexibility and potential volume of this model, together with the ability to hone the business further by analysing the data that is subsequently collected that will allow Uber to drive prices lower while improving speed and reliability, and ultimately increasing profitability.


“What’s more, these digital start-ups are now seeking to leverage the networks of our large institutions. For example, look at NAB’s recent pairing with Sendle. The combination of Sendle’s digital platform and NAB’s physical property network will provide an efficient and cost effective parcel delivery offering for NAB customers without a traditional parcel delivery business anywhere to be seen.”


For the full article from the industry consultancy firm click here. 

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Author: Tim Giles

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