Major Oil Technology Change

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A major oil technology change is heading for the truck industry and it is a major shift in lubricant technology, the lifeblood of our prime movers. Diesel Magazine has a look at the issues in the upcoming September edition. Here we examine some of the facts.


PC11 (Proposed Category 11) is a new category for heavy duty diesel engine oils as classified by the API (American Petroleum Institute). Castrol suggests, in this change is hidden something much bigger. It’s not just a category change, it’s a change which helps protect the environment and our future. It is the biggest change in heavy duty engine oils in about 10 years, with the last change being back when API introduced CJ-4 in 2006.


Improving fuel economy and reducing environmental impact are the goals driving the category changes. The next level of exhaust emission controls set by the US EPA are mandated to commence in 2017. These differ from the exhaust regulations of the past, in concentrating more on carbon dioxide emissions than the particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, they targeted in the past.


The changes mandated by the US EPA are echoed in the development of Euro 7 for truck emissions in Europe and the next stage of the New Long Term emission controls in Japan. These will all need a supporting oil standard to handle the new technology. According to Castrol, the API (American Petroleum Institute) represents the industry collective wisdom on everything, from drill to environment protection, and embraces proven sound engineering and operating practices, and safe, interchangeable equipment and materials. Leading lubricant manufacturers like Castrol are a part of API.


Major Oil Technology Change


  • When is PC-11 coming?


The change in new regulations coming into effect in 2017 is driving the need for the next generation of oils to address factors like:

  • Technical advancements in diesel engine designs
  • Improved protection from higher engine operating temperatures.
  • Improved protection from engine oil shearing.
  • Need for reduced fuel usage with the new spec.


  • CK-4 and FA-4


PC-11 is a unique spec change in heavy duty engine lubrication in the way that it’s split into 2 different specifications

API CK-4 is set to replace API CJ-4 and previous categories, delivering higher performance levels,but is backwards compatible for older engines.

API FA-4 is highly advanced lower viscosity oil that delivers better fuel economy in new technology diesel engines.

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