MAN Big Banger Arrives in Australia

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It’s been a long time coming, but at a recent presentation at Penske HQ in Queensland the MAN big banger arrives in Australia. The new truck is fitted with the D38 engine rated at 640 hp, a major step above the previous top power in a TGX, at 560 hp. 


For many years the MAN brand has struggled to gain traction in the heavy prime mover market. The 13 litre D26 engine was seen to be a little lightweight to handle the B-double tasks these prime movers now have to handle.

The release of the the 15 litre D38 a couple of years ago gave the MAN brand a foothold to work on and with it’s rating at 560 hp has shown some growth in heavy duty sales for the top power TGX model. With the introduction of a 640 hp option, truck buyers will now have further options when looking for the enhanced durability of high power prime movers.

The D38 engine rated at 640 hp is capable of torque ratings from 2,700 to 3,000 Nm. The engine is being sold in Europe as having low fuel consumption, low tare, reliability, long service life and low service costs.


MAN big banger arrives in Australia


The MAN Exhaust Valve Brake (EVBec) and Turbo EVB engine brake produce retardation of at least 462 hp (340 kW), and up to 816 hp (600 kW) for heavy-duty vehicles. The Turbo EVB’s exhaust gas valve sits in front of the turbochargers and is therefore able to develop greater counter pressure when braking. In combination with a higher air through-flow when braking, the system achieves a maximum braking capacity of 600 kW a 2,400 rpm.

With the Turbo EVB a large amount of the thermal energy produced when braking in not emitted into the engine cooling system, rather it is discharged directly outwards by the exhaust gas flow.

Precise details of the final specifications for Australia are not currently available, but Diesel News will publish the data when it is made public.