Man Seeking a Truck

Man Seeking a Truck

Trucking advocate and safety campaigner Rod Hannifey is a man seeking a truck. The current vehicle he drives is past its sell by date and it’s time for Rod to move on. He sent Diesel News this request for help from anyone who is willing to support an industry stalwart.


Man Seeking a Truck
Rod Hannifey


“I have been involved with road safety and how the road transport industry is seen for the last 20 years. Nearly 10 years ago I came up with the idea of the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV). We have all these magnificent trucks running up and down the highway promoting transport companies or tractors and petfood and vineyards, but there were none promoting us and I decided that should change.


“The first TIV truck was provided by Ken Wilkie for two years and Rod Pilon bought me a new set of trailers and I added bits and pieces from other suppliers and then designed the curtains myself. When I returned Ken’s truck, Rod Pilon bought me the current K200 and I had sponsors supply many parts to improve it and again, designed new trailer curtains.


“I cannot thank Ken Wilkie and Rod and Ben Pilon, along with all at Rod Pilon Transport enough, for their support and helping me to achieve many of the aims of the TIV, though there is still much more to do.


“There are often not enough hours in the week to do interstate full-time and then do road safety etc nearly full-time as well. Any of you who have done more than drive, towards industry improvement will understand the time it takes and too often, that comes out of too little family time. Without the help and support of my family and Rod Pilon Transport I would not have been able to get to events and or arrange riders in the truck and they are all keen to continue, but I want to be able to do more than I can now.


“I am looking for a truck and trailers to be supplied so I can do more and I will commit to the next 5 years. A truck manufacturer could supply the truck and a trailer manufacturer the trailers and I have many sponsors who have already committed components big and small to see this happen, but I need the big bits. If I can work for two weeks without paying off the units, I can generate enough income to work for the industry for the other two and still feed my family and pay my bills.


“If I won the Lotto tomorrow, I would simply buy a B-double and work for Rod Pilon Transport as they have given me such tremendous support thus far. I did try to auction the last trip in Ken’s truck, and had one transport operator offer me $50,000, but that would not have bought the truck and trailers and so I could not accept.


Each Component In The Chain


“I am asking a lot and there will be some who will harangue me for even asking, but I do believe I have given good effort and achieved a bit with the TIV and with the trailers over 1.8 million and still on the original brake linings and in 9 years, I have still kept up my end of the work ethic.


“If someone were to offer a deal that meant moving, then perhaps someone other than Rod Pilon Transport should have a turn at giving something back to the industry that they either love, or which has served them so well for so many years.



“So, I am in your hands, is there anybody with deep pockets and industry passion who will help? I can only ask and will commit to the next 5 years to achieve as much as possible subject to how it is set up. I thank all who have contributed and helped to get me to this point and hope most of you recognise the effort I have put in. I would welcome your comments, your support and will do my best.”


Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.