Melbourne Show transformed

The International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show 2016 looks set to take the concept developed over the last ten years in Melbourne to a new level. Next year’s show will be taking place on May 5 to 7 at the Melbourne Showgrounds and aims to attract over 500 exhibitors and take the number of visitors up and over the 40,000 mark.



In addition to the trucks, trailers and equipment of past shows, further elements are to be introduced, including a dedicated Roads & Civil Works Expo, and a stand-alone Waste Management exhibition. There will also be a number Moving Display zones and a Test Track where visitors can see equipment operating. The transformed show will also include an Education and Careers Pavilion.


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“Put simply, our vision is to completely redefine what a truck show should be,” said Simon Coburn, the Show Director for ITTES. “It’s a big statement, but we know it will change the Australian truck show landscape for good.



“In a time where mining activity is waning and Australia’s economy has to re-invent itself to remain competitive, I believe we all have a certain responsibly to help shape the future of our country.



“ITTES 2016 can certainly contribute to that, by opening up to a new, high-growth industry sector like waste management, and giving the infrastructure and civil works community a forum that will allow it to interact directly with the truck market. We bring together all the missing parts to create an environment that will actively encourage collaboration at a scale never seen before in Australia.”



After the 2014 ITTES, the management team say they created a think tank to examine all the elements of previous events. The ITTES organisers went out and started collecting industry feedback to see where improvements and extensions could be made to the show’s concept.


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“What we realised was that a truck show has to be more than just a showcase of heavy equipment in the traditional sense,” said Coburn. “Our industry is a highly collaborative place and constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, so we needed to create something that would bring out that side of it. The result is a new, modern concept that will set the standard for excellence and engagement.



“We now look at the industry from a more holistic perspective, from the vehicle itself to the pavement below, and involve all stakeholders along the way. Next to the truck, trailer and equipment exhibition, we added a Roads & Civil Works Expo to the mix, as well as the Waste Management exhibition.



“On top of that, we’ll have huge Moving Display zones and a Test Track where our guests can watch the latest equipment operating on site. Knowing that the development of the next generation is critical to the on-going growth of our industry, we will also include a special Education and Careers Pavilion. It will inform the next generation about the variety of careers available in the transport and industry logistics community.”



The show will also include a Show and Shine Competition, introduced in 2014, and the Heritage Truck collection display.