More Caravan Capers

More Caravan Capers

One of the perennial problems suffered by trucks is the car towing a caravan losing control and causing mayhem, more caravan capers. If truck drivers were driving a combination the same size, they would have had to undergo training. At the same time, someone who has never driven anything bigger than a Hyundai Excel can go along to a caravan yard, but a monster can and start towing it with anything with a towbar.


With the holiday season approaching, the danger of this kind of thing happening in front of a truck increases. Often the caravan starts to wiggle coming through the disturbed air around a truck and the driver does not have the skills to bring it back under control.


There is no training requirement to tow something which actually needs to be handled with care. The basic dynamics of a car and caravan are all wrong with the towing point a metre behind the rear axle of the car. This is just an accident waiting to happen, and it does!


Here’s another one from the other direction:


Here we go again! These drivers have no idea what to do once the caravan gets a wiggle on. They seem unaware of what is going on before the caravan is completely out of control: