Multiple-Choice Transmission from ZF

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The Traxon is a multiple-choice transmission from ZF, an automated manual transmission with a wide range of options available to customise the transmission to different applications. It consists of a single basic transmission which can be customised individually by utilising optional modules. This modular transmission system opens up new dimensions in terms of performance, economy, environmental compatibility and comfort, exactly where it’s required.


The transmission has been designed to suit torque requirements of up to 3,400Nm of torque, and it can be linked to five different modules depending on application. It can use 12 or 16 forward gears and up to four reverse gears. The PreVision GPS driving strategy gives truck manufacturers the opportunity to link the transmission with GPS data and digital map material, enabling more precise and targeted shifting.


The basic module uses a single clutch , but the dual-disc clutch option is designed for precise and effective power transmission. Every gear change reduces the tractive force, especially noticeable when driving with heavy payload. Choosing the dual-clutch module option ensures smooth gear shifting without interrupting the tractive force and losing speed.


The hybrid module can be fitted as an option using the electric drive to top up power and torque when needed. This option increases fuel saving potential for maximum economy and emission reduction.


The PTO is an independent module, which can always be actuated, even in on-load operation and it withstands high loads and stresses, while in continuous operation.


The torque converter option is designed for use with the heaviest vehicles. When heavy equipment is used, the torque converter clutch with hydrodynamic torque converter protects the driveline. It also includes an integrated primary retarder enabling reliable and zero-wear braking.