‘MyBuddy’ Release From MyFleet

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is introducing Electronic Work Diaries as a voluntary alternative to the current paper management system, the ‘MyBuddy’ Release from MyFleet suggests the company is well prepared.

‘MyBuddy’ Release 

MyFleet says its team is ready to offer clients a simple and easy transition, with no need to purchase equipment. The release of MyFleet’s ‘MyBuddy’ android application features a custom-built, user-friendly Electronic Work Diary (EWD), compliant with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) policy framework. 

With a list of trips included, this modern technology is designed to look and operate exactly like the familiar written diary – minus the administrative burden. The real-time data ensures drivers are accountable for their actions, while management can check compliance either from the office or on the side of the road. 

‘MyBuddy’ provides management the opportunity to monitor driver behaviour and respond to breaches immediately, if they occur. 

For 20 years, MyFleet has been providing their client base a complete GPS tracking and fleet monitoring solution. From vehicle and trailer tracking, to in-vehicle cameras and driver applications for mobile devices, the system provides groundbreaking technology and has been commended for both its safety and reliability. 

Naturally, the next step in innovation for industry experts was to design an application that offers end-to-end coverage and control of the pickup and delivery cycle. The launch of MyFleet’s ‘MyBuddy’ doesn’t stop at monitoring compliance at a real-time data EWD. 

The android application, suitable for hand held devices, tablets and PCs, also guides drivers through pre-trip checks, run sheets, sign-on-glass, electronic invoicing, site maps, geofences, hazard warnings, breach alerts and fatigue management, all the while implementing safe driving plans. 

From the back end, managing chain of responsibility is transparent and time-effective with immediate alerts for concerning driver behaviour. Management has the ability to manage jobs direct over air, track vehicles, track deliveries, track pallets, score driver’s performance and provide instant feedback without compromising safety. 

The genius application also features a temperature control component, which enables cold-chain services to protect temperature safe products after leaving a controlled facility.