Mystery Mack Truck

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There is a Mystery Mack Truck on its way, to be unveiled in the US by the company on 13 September. Of course, these models will be for the US market only, but you can be sure the Mack organisation here in Australia will be there to see the unveiling and examining of the new trucks to see which items in the catalogue of innovations they will be able to introduce into the product built here in Australia.

There looks like there will be plenty to go at, as Mack unveils little titbits one at a time, building the anticipation. The big-ticket items will be shown on the day, stuff like engine specifications, chassis layouts plus hood and cabin design will be a surprise in September.

The introduction of LED lighting looks to be one of the items. This is becoming an inevitability, one of the options that will come to Australia. What about the steering wheel with all of those buttons on it? Are we ready for this, in a Mack? The answer is, almost certainly, yes. If the new Kenworth features buttons on the steering wheel, then so can a future Mack.

One major break with tradition looks like being the single catch to open the bonnet. Whatever next? Those reliable rubber and steel contraptions have been a staple of the North American truck for a long time. They are also a pain to use, checking the fluids in the truck entails a series of walks around the front of the truck. A single catch for the bonnet? Why not? A single catch for the bull bar? Not going to happen!

Anyway, all is going to be revealed in September, and we can be sure there will be continuing hype leading up to the final reveal. The Mack PR department will be working overtime drip-feeding snippets to us all.

Mystery Mack truck