New $32,000 Truck from China Launched

This week a new $32,000 truck from China launched in Sydney to a selected group of media and potential dealers, made its first appearance. The JMC Conquer truck is being released by the Jiangling Motors Group, an operation which built its first vehicles back in 1968.


New $32,000 Truck from China Launched


The new trucks come in two models at two power ratings. The smaller two models have 5.5 tonne and 6.5 tonne GVM rating and are powered by Jiangling’s own 2.4 litre JX4D engine, rated at 122 hp (90 kW) and putting out 315 Nm (232 ft lb) of torque.


The larger trucks are rated at 6.7 and 7.5 tonnes GVM and use the larger 3.0 litre Topanther engine rated at 150 hp (110 kW) coupled with a Getrag six speed auto box. JMC claim the advanced tri-cone synchroniser improves smoothness of ratio changes and improved integration with the truck drive line.


New $32,000 Truck from China Launched


“JMC focuses on details and pursues perfection in every tiny design,” says the company’s introduction to the brand. “The 17 distinctive designs and 96 improvements make JMC Conquer a new paragon in delicate details. The turning signal of JMC Conquer is in a unique prismatic shape. The light turns on during turning and out when the speed is more than 40 km/h.


“It is entirely sedan-like convenience and safety protection standard.The interior is made of low-pollution, green, anti-skid and durable PP materials to ensure safety, health and durability. The interior details are designed with round edges to ensure safety protection of the passengers and drivers and promote comfort and safety inside the car.It is equipped with standard high-quality Vision air-conditioner,with as many as 11 storage spaces.


“The control panel is a sedan-like design, with FM Radio, CD player,USB and AUX interface to connect music players like Apple, MP3 and USB flash drive,as well as high-quality stereophony system, bringing perfect audio enjoyment for passengers and drivers. JMC Conquer’s Visteon air-conditioner cooling effect is 15 per cent better, the fan noise is 3.5 decibel lower than others and a energy consumption 60 per cent lower.


“This provides comfortable driving environment for the owner. JMC Conquer designed with a two-brace steering wheel to enable cozy grip, and a hydraulic power-assisted steering system to enable the driver to easily make a turn or reverse parking.”


New $32,000 Truck from China Launched


Pricing is reckoned to start at $31,990 and will be topping out at $39,990 with 3 years/160,000 warranty further backed by a roadside assistance offer. (Pricing as of 12/9/16).


JMC are looking for expressions of interest from potential retailers and are asking those interested to call Amos Yue, Director, on 02 9747 2154 or email


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Author: Tim Giles

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