New Cab From Kenworth

In an extension of the range options, a new cab from Kenworth will increase the options for customers looking at the T610 and T610SAR. Kenworth have announced the release of a 760mm mid roof sleeper cab, adding to the existing options of a day and 860mm sleeper cab.


New Cab From Kenworth


According to Kenworth, the new sleeper cab option will be suitable for many different applications including 19m tippers, tankers, and 19m B-double applications.


The new cab, as released last year and now with added options, can be seen as a game changer for Kenworth. In  the past each model in the range had a different cabin design. Now, with the T610 variations a common platform can be rolled out across a larger part of the range with common characteristics. The design incorporates more foot space and storage, a wider walkthrough access between the seats and more door and windscreen glass. The improvements provide space, visibility and ergonomics which were not there in Australian Kenworth trucks in the past.


“The core of the T610 project was about building a bigger cab to create the ultimate driver environment, which leads to better all-round driving performance, safety, efficiency and productivity” said Brad May, Paccar Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “This 760mm sleeper cab option allows even greater flexibility for our customers whose applications demand it. The mid roof allows access under gantries and suits many height restricted truck and trailer combinations and provides an additional 90mm of head room than the day cab.”


Significantly wider and with increased walkthrough space between seats and greater room head-to-toe for the driver, the T610 interior delivers the driver a more open and relaxed cabin that is far easier to move around in and rest during breaks. The new mid roof sleeper offers an inner spring mattress with hinged pan for under bunk storage, optional under bunk fridge and open shelving as standard.


New Cab From Kenworth


Back at the original T610 launch, the time had come for the conventional truck in Australia to bring itself up to date. Modern electronics and assembly technology have introduced many new possibilities. The modern truck owner is also looking for a lot more from each truck in terms of productivity, information as well as driver safety and comfort. The Paccar group, as a whole, is moving towards a unified cabin design and Kenworth in Australia have come up with their unique adaptation as the T610.


However, we must not forget, this is Kenworth, a very careful and conservative brand, with conservative customers, who are willing to embrace change, but not too much in one go. The T 610 seems to have hit just the right balance of old and new to keep most people happy.


New Cab From Kenworth


To begin with, the chassis remains unchanged. This is a tough and reliable set up, undergoing constant customisation, which the industry has come to rely on. The driveline is also little changed, in the actual metal, but the integration between the truck’s electronics, the Cummins Engine and Eaton transmission will further enhance its reputation.


The cabin itself is changed and is a combination of three basic sections. The driver compartment is the Paccar group design used in Kenworth and Peterbilt product in the US, but adapted and beefed up for our conditions. The sleeper is a traditional design built in the same way as all of the current Kenworth cabs. These two come together under a newly-designed roof, to pull the whole design together.



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Author: Tim Giles

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