New calibration for Detroit

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Detroit is to introduce a new regeneration strategy for the DD 15 engine with the intention of improving the cost of ownership of the engines. Penske Power Systems announced the improvements in fuel economy this week.

The new calibration will lower fuel burn by extending the DD15 engine regeneration interval out to 20 hours, almost double the current limit. This enhancement follows the development of Detroit’s DD15 integrated aftertreatment technology, following extensive testing by Penske Power Systems’ team and Detroit engineering which had been asked to deliver further cost of ownership improvements to DD15 customers.

“We embarked on testing a new regeneration strategy in February with the aim of delivering further improvements, pushing out regeneration periods by up to 50 per cent based on real market conditions,” said Kevin Dennis, Director On-Highway Business, Penske Power Systems. “Historically this strategy was based on a fuel burn limit, kilometre limit and an hour limit. However we’ve found that we can take the fuel burn and kilometre limits away and move the engine to respond purely to an hour limit, while extending that limit as well.”

“To date, the new calibration has been programmed to over two hundred customer trucks and these units are already demonstrating improvements in total cost of ownership. What’s more, the recalibration has had a positive impact on the life of the diesel particulate filter, as it reduces heat cycles.”

The 2015 recalibration is the first major change to the DD15 regeneration strategy since Penske Power Systems upgraded its fuel mapping for Australian and New Zealand customers more than 18 months ago.