New Cummins Engines Coming to Australia in 2017

After their launch in the US, there will be new Cummins engines coming to Australia in 2017. Cummins has announced it will release the X15 Euro 5 in 2017. This is an evolutionary development of the 15-litre ISXe5.

“The X15 uses the same hardware and emissions reduction technology, SCR, as the existing ISXe5, and incorporates all the product improvements since the ISXe5 release in 2012, including power cylinder, cylinder head and turbocharger upgrades,” said Andrew Penca, Managing Director Cummins South Pacific. “The X15 features ADEPT technology, a suite of advanced electronic features capable of delivering fuel economy gains through improved powertrain integration.

“Another feature to be released with the X15 is Connected Diagnostics, a telematics solution that delivers instant and expert diagnosis of engine faults to the customer.”

Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology (ADEPT) is for use with Eaton’s 18-speed automated UltraShift Plus transmission and has been under field test in Australia since early 2016. It utilises load, speed and grade-sensing technology to initiate adjustments to engine power, torque and transmission gear selection to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.

The first ADEPT package includes two features: SmartCoast and SmartTorque.

SmartCoast operates when the vehicle is on a moderate downhill grade by disengaging the front box of the transmission and returning the engine to idle to reduce drag, maintain momentum, and ultimately improve fuel economy. Once the engine commands the transmission to be put back in gear, the appropriate gear is engaged.

SmartTorque uses torque management intelligence to help eliminate unnecessary downshifts and keep the engine operating in the most fuel efficient ‘sweet spot’. Torque is varied across all gears depending on torque requirement.

For Australian operating conditions, the torque varies up to 2500 Nm (1850 lb ft) or 2880 Nm (2050 lb ft) depending on the horsepower and peak torque rating of the engine.

Cummins say further features such as predictive cruise control will be added to ADEPT in the future.

Cummins Connected Diagnostics will also be available with the release of the X15 in 2017. A telematics system, it automatically processes fault code data, sending instant notifications from Cummins detailing probable root cause and providing recommended actions.

Advice, delivered by email, app or web portal, enables the fleet manager to make an informed decision about continuing truck operation and when to schedule a service visit for the most convenient time.

Additional connected solutions that will be added in the near future include Over-the-Air (OTA) engine programming and customisation. This will allow an engine to be reprogrammed or updated with the latest calibration without having to take the truck to a service bay.

“The X15 builds on the success of the ISXe5 of which more than 6000 have gone into service in Australia and New Zealand since 2013,” said Mike Fowler, Director On-Highway Business for Cummins South Pacific. “During this time our 15-litre Euro 5 product has established class-leading reliability, fuel economy and performance.

“Our product development is no longer driven by emissions, but is instead inspired by customer needs and application requirements. The X15 is a sign of what is to come from Cummins in terms of significant efficiency gains for our customers.”

The X15 will be offered with the same ratings as the ISXe5, from 450 to 600 hp with peak torque spanning 1650 to 2050 lb ft.