New Load Restraint Gates Released

New load restraint gates released by Freighter have been designed reduce maintenance and improve work health and safety for operators.The new load restraint gate systems for the Freighter range are available in two models: a premium ‘Sliding Post Load Restraint Gates’ model and an entry level ‘Hanging Load Restraint Gates’ model. Both can be ordered as optional upgrades on all Freighter tautliner models, providing a rated load restraint of up to 1300 kg per pallet space.

New Load Restraint Gates Released

“It’s a significant work health and safety advantage,” said Mario Colosimo, Freighter General Manager. “We have practically eliminated the risk of shoulder injuries from lifting heavy gates and, because they are fixed to the trailer, there is no chance of gates falling on the driver as they are effortlessly opened and moved aside.”

The posts and all other components are integrated within the gates, meaning the six gates on a standard 22 pallet tautliner can be opened in just six simple movements, for optimum speed of loading and unloading.

“The unique and innovative gate mechanism also allows for the removal of additional moving parts in comparison to a number of existing systems, which increases reliability and uptime.” said Colosimo.

Freighter’s Hanging Load Restraint Gates have patents pending, and have been created by adding tabs to the gates and posts of a normal hanging gate. The addition of tabs has a further advantage, in that load restraint is provided at all four corners of each gate, fortifying the gates against damage when the load rests against them.

“It’s a simple innovation that easily adds a rated load restraint to a tried and tested system,” said Colosimo. “The uncomplicated construction also makes the gates just as easy to repair or replace as non-rated gates.”

Freighter Hanging Load Restraint Gates come included with SpringASSIST, a spring system which attaches to the gate, removing a large portion of the weight when lifting each gate in and out of position.

“Improving work health and safety when working in and around our trailers is one of MaxiTrans’ main considerations during the innovation process,” said Colosimo. “The design of both new load restraint gates has been no different. Operator safety is a vitally important aspect of any modern transport organisation and MaxiTrans takes its role as both a leader and innovator in transport equipment safety very seriously.”

Both gate options include a mechanism built into the post which reduces the potential for vibration and track wear. By providing a constant upward force when fixed into position in transit, the post maintains a constant connection to the top rail, ensuring rollers remain lifted off the track.