New Storage for Linfox

Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award

A new venture from Linfox results directly from the resources industry slowdown. Mining companies, and their contractors, are now left with large numbers of mobile equipment without work, but needing to be kept in readiness for a recovery in the resources sector.


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The solution from Linfox is a storage facility based on the Great Northern Highway, north of Perth, with 60,000 m2 of space to park up the excess equipment. Apart from offering mining equipment storage and secure parking for heavy machinery, the facility will also offer storage of mining/off-road tyres and other oversized equipment.


The site will also have secure parking for country and regional service vehicles and act as an assembly point for remote site service technicians. The Linfox brochure also talks about overflow storage for auction houses as well as facilities for container storage, as an inspection station and holding area.


The site at Bullsbrook storage facility is about 40 km north of Perth and will also serve as a staging area for transporting equipment en route to the Pilbara.


As a result of the slowdown of mining development in Western Australia, much of the equipment needed to develop mine sites has been standing idle at a number of sites around the Pilbara. These are expensive pieces of kit, which need careful maintenance, even when idle, to ensure they are available for work when the resources industry gears up in the future.