New Technology on Show in Hannover

New Technology on Show in Hannover

This week has seen new technology on show in Hannover at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. New engines, new ideas, new axles and new fuel savings were all included in the news.


From Iveco’s engine maker, FPT Industrial, it was all about Cursor 9 CNG, a 6 cylinder CNG engine claimed to be the ideal solution for applications such as heavy haulage, garbage collection, city and intercity transportation. Powered by natural gas, in its compressed (CNG), liquefied (LNG) or renewable form (bio-methane), it offers power up to 400 hp at 2.000 rpm, torque up to 1.700 Nm at 1.200 rpm while at the same time having emissions lower than Euro 6.


To meet Euro 6, the Cursor 9 CNG does not need EGR or SCR, but relies on a three-way catalytic converter, located at the end of the exhaust. Platinum and Palladium convert carbon monoxide and carbon into carbon dioxide and water, the Rodium converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen.


Cummins showcased a diverse set of new technologies to tackle the challenge of reducing total cost of ownership for truck customers at the IAA. These include turbocharger components designed for high efficiency and a tailored mid-range fuel system. Together they are claimed to offer up to 7-8 per cent fuel efficiency improvements.


New Technology on Show in Hannover


Wabco showed new intelligent systems of trucks, buses and trailers like the OnGuardMAX advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) for trucks. It provides up to full braking when confronted with both stationary and moving vehicles ahead.


The company also announced announced the world premiere of OptiFlow AutoTail, which features automatic deployment and retraction of aerodynamic tail panels based on driving speed. It automatically deploys at 75 km/h and closes at 15 km/h, ensuring the device is consistently used at speeds that maximise aerodynamic fuel savings.


Equipped with 77GHz radar and a high-resolution camera, the system detects impending rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead and alerts the driver with distinct acoustic, visual and haptic warnings. Unless the driver takes appropriate corrective action, OnGuardMAX performs up to full braking when approaching both stationary and moving vehicles to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.


US manufacturer Hyliion, the designer of a hybrid electric-powered axle for trailers, came to the IAA, sharing a booth with its battery supplier, Gentherm. The Intelligent Electric Axle includes a motor-generator running through a standard differential. It captures kinetic energy as the truck coasts or brakes, converts it to electricity stored in lithium-ion batteries, then sends the energy back to the axle to help launch a truck or push it up a hill.


See, Think, Act sees ZF transferring technologies from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicle applications. The ZF Innovation Truck can reliably recognise its surroundings in three dimensions using sensor fusion, process the data and execute the best course of action using advanced mechanical systems, including electrified drive and steering systems.


Evasive Manoeuvre Assist was developed by ZF in a joint project with Wabco. EMA automatically steers semi-trailers around hazards safely, helping prevent rear-end collisions. The Highway Driving Assist system actively keeps the ZF Innovation Truck in its lane at an appropriately safe distance from the vehicle in front. The truck’s third function, SafeRange is a manoeuvring assistant as a trailer approaches a loading dock.