New Trailer Design Released

A trailer manufacturer has come up with a innovative solution which improves productivity.Wedges by Graham Lusty Trailers. With its Wedge Trailer, Graham Lusty Trailers reckons it has come up with a solution for transport operators wanting to increase profit margins and reduce operating costs.


GLT Wedge Body copy



“Our wedge body design gives you the same increase in capacity as a drop deck body but is lighter and stronger,” said James Yerbury, Graham Lusty Trailers Operations Manager. “Where a drop deck chassis requires a chassis beam to be joined at the step down, our wedge chassis has no joins and is therefore stronger and lighter.”



The wedge body has a progressive drop in the floor of 300mm. The body can be manufactured in a chassis tipper or tip over axle form. Graham Lusty Trailers claims it has been able to produce units as light as 6.1 tonnes for a 62 m2, 38 foot long, tip over axle.



“Over the last 6 years we have built a large quantity of drop deck trailers and we are encouraging operators to look at the wedge option,” said Yerbury.