New tyre for Australia

A new tyre, said to be, specifically designed and developed for Australian condition has just been released. The new Bridgestone M766 is claimed to deliver improved wear life, wet traction and resistance to irregular wear


The M766 new tread compound has undergone testing and Bridgestone reckons it proved to outperform a competitor by as much as 18 per cent.


The new tyre has an all-new tread compound with a wider and deeper tread with 21 per cent more tread rubber volume in comparison with Bridgestone’s existing M722 drive tyre. It also features semi-closed shoulder blocks with tie-bar which reduces block deformation, said to provide additional stiffness to minimise irregular wear and provide longer tyre life.


S-shaped sipes are claimed to reduce lateral and circumferential block movement resulting in even wear and the increase in lateral sipes and tread block edges is reckoned to improve bite into with the road resulting in high traction, particularly in the wet.


Claudio Sodano, Bridgestone General Manager Technical Field Services

Claudio Sodano, Bridgestone General Manager Technical Field Services


“We have run the tyre in a variety of applications with customers across the country and have recorded very strong and consistent wear life results,” said Claudio Sodano, Bridgestone General Manager Technical Field Services. “When compared with our major competitors, the M766 delivered up to 18 per cent additional wear life, and that can translate into tens of thousands of extra kilometres and a big saving for the operator.”

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Author: Tim Giles

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