New van from Renault

Globally, Renault have released an all-new Trafic van range which we can expect to see here in Australia in 2015. The new body design retains the van’s signature silhouette with bulging roof above the driver and passenger doors, but the new model includes a new engine and a number of other new features.


All new Renault Trafic green


At first sight the smoother lines and the much larger, gaping air intake below the bonnet are the most obvious changes. However, Renault reckon the much improved technology now available in the van is the big story. The European market, where this Renault van is at its strongest is now looking for across the board fuel savings and this new engine is designed to deliver on this.


The new engine is at the heart of the new design, with a replacement for the former 2 litre power plant. Renault are claiming substantial fuel consumption savings for the new engine, which features two versions. One uses a single variable geometry turbo and the other uses a twin turbo set-up. Both are reckoned to have improved fuel economy but the twin turbo is claimed to be able to achieve a fuel consumption below 6 litre/100 km.


What kind of fuel consumption these European figures will translate to in Australia is a moot question. However, fuel consumption is not particularly critical to van buying decisions considering the Government plans to abandon the carbon tax. In Australia, vans like the Trafic are more often sold on their good looks and sophisticated design, something for which Renault are well known.