New Versatile Tipper

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A new trailer design has been launched , which should make tipper repairs easier for many workshops. Hamelex White has announced the release of its new tipper range, VersaBOLT, claimed to be a revolution in trailer design.


At the heart of the VersaBOLT concept is a modular bolted design, rather than traditional welding, which increases flexibility and maintainability, while reducing lead times. The first models on the market are high tensile steel rigid and dog combinations, further models are expected to become available in the coming months.

“Buyers will be able to choose between high tensile steel, aluminium, or a combination of both, which is easily achieved by choosing the appropriate modules during assembly,” said Michael Brockhoff, MaxiTRANS Managing Director. “This increases flexibility of options and ensures you can get the right trailer for the job, be it in quarry, construction, demolition or bulk.”

Combinations of materials can be used in the flexible design, a high tensile steel floor can be specified for durability, adjoined with aluminium walls for a lower tare weight.

“We believe these ‘hybrid’ trailers will be truly a revolution to the industry,” said Brockhoff. “Furthermore, due to the assembly-style nature of its construction, our manufacturing facilities will be able to pick the appropriate components ‘off the shelf’ and have trailers fully configured and on the road, often in as little as three weeks.”


Many components, including the base, front wall, rear frame, side walls and mudguard sections can be unbolted and replaced, if required, reducing downtime should a section be damaged.

The VersaBOLT also includes innovations like a forward-mounted two-way tailgate, designed to be able to be switched between side and top hinged at any time with the simple turn of a lever. There is also a side-operated internal locking mechanism allowing the tailgate to be opened from a safe position beside the trailer, rather than behind.

“Safety is an important consideration in all MaxiTRANS-manufactured trailers,” said Brockhoff. “This applies to all perspectives, from the operator to other road users.

“Tipper operators will be familiar with the common problem of hinges getting in the way of tarps and not being able to secure the load completely. We’ve solved that problem with a simple but effective design.”

On the high tensile steel models released, Hamelex White has incorporated a pressed wall design, which it says protects the walls against buckling or creasing. The range is available immediately in high tensile steel rigid and three axle dog configurations, with four axle dogs available to order.