NHVAS Auditing Upgrade

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A series of training programs, currently running, are aimed to improve the auditing outcomes around the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has delivered two NHVAS Auditor Technical Competency courses, so far, in Melbourne and Adelaide. The courses are designed to provide auditors with the necessary minimum technical competencies to conduct NHVAS mass and maintenance management audits.



Improvement in the maintenance standards and safety of the heavy vehicle industry has been identified as an issue in the recent review by the NHVR, along with the National Transport Commission, into the NHVAS and accreditation as a whole.



“The operation of safe and well maintained vehicles on our road network is important for all road users,” said Geoff Casey, NHVR Executive Director Productivity and Safety. “We are enhancing the NHVAS through better quality procedures and processes identified through rationalised auditing.



“The auditor training is part of important changes to the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards which were made earlier this year. These changes standardised the way audits are conducted and strengthened the quality of their content. Successful audits of a heavy vehicle operator’s compliance are critical for entry and retaining NHVAS accreditation.



“These auditors will assist industry achieve a more rigorous, risk based approach to managing the maintenance of their fleet.”



The course was developed and is delivered by NHVR qualified trainers who are subject matter experts. The course will be taken to various capital cities to provide the opportunity for all NHVAS auditors to attend.



The first course, held in August, conducted in Melbourne had 28 people attend, of which all successfully completed the course and are now recognised as meeting the Mechanical Technical Competencies required for an auditor. Positive feedback received from this course highlighted that the NHVR is engaged with delivering a robust and reliable scheme for both the heavy vehicle industry and the community.



Here are details of further courses will be conducted in Sydney and Brisbane.