NHVAS changes announced

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New rules governing the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme are on their way and effective next month. This week’s announcement by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator sets out changes to the auditing provisions of the NHVAS which will be in force from March. These changes are part of the National Transport Commission/NHVR National Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness program.




The new rules can be downloaded at NHVAS Standards and Business Rules March 2015. Changes outlined in the document affect the way in which NHVAS auditors are recognised and audits are conducted. Auditors will need to seek registration with the NHVR, and meet new additional criteria.


Some provisions aimed at reducing the potential for conflicts of interest have been added. The NHVR will now have the power to stipulate a list of alternative auditors the operator must choose from, if it is decided an operator’s choice of auditor appears to be inappropriate.


There will also be new audit tools for conducting and reporting on audits, including a new independent audit framework, audit matrix and audit report template.


Changes to the rules will allow for a transitional phase with auditor able to continue under their current certification until July 1 2016. This gives them over a year to action their new certification under the new rules. However, all NHVAS audits must be conducted in accordance with the new rules, as set out in the document, from March 1 this year.


More detailed information is expected to come out in the next few weeks and be available on the NHVR website.