Oil Analysis Can Be a Useful Tool

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Keeping on top of maintenance in a fleet is vital and oil analysis can be a useful tool in drilling down into just what is happening inside an engine or any other component requiring lubricants.

Oil Analysis Can Be a Useful Tool

In today’s highly competitive market, full utilisation of every piece of equipment is critical to the success of every operation. Operators rely on their service partners to provide ways of ensuring the equipment availability is achieved and without compromise. Castrol provides lubricants to fleets backed with a comprehensive used oil analysis service to allow optimised service intervals for their particular application.

Used oil analysis has been used by equipment manufactures like Caterpillar and Komatsu for many years and has become an integral part of the mining industry’s move to proactive maintenance programs.

Today, the vast majority of component manufacturers in the transport and building/ construction industry recommend and provide guidelines to assist their customers to best use the valuable information provided by oil analysis to protect their assets and reduce maintenance costs.

With transport fleets achieving 400,000 to 500,000 km per year in shuttle applications, this high demand on their equipment uptime has forced operators to look for every opportunity to have a proactive and predictive maintenance strategy to avoid unexpected down time. It’s therefore no surprise that many successful fleets use and rely on used oil analysis to help them reduce maintenance costs through the early detection of issues. The early detection of issues allows scheduling of repairs or the ability to engage the OEM for warranty coverage.

These high utilisation rates coupled with market forces have also seen many OEM’s respond to their customers’ needs by increasing their maximum allowed service intervals. While the majority of component and truck manufacturers in the transport industry recommend their customers include used oil sampling in their scheduled maintenance regime, the task of understanding and utilising the information often falls back to the time-poor workshop manager to understand the report and action accordingly.

With Castrol’s Labcheck ES program, the team of technical staff review the reports and provide meaningful feedback to the workshop ensuring the maximum benefit can be derived from the data.

Used oil analysis is a trending tool and when used across a fleet of vehicles and in conjunction with proper maintenance can be a powerful assistant for the workshop staff. Proper interrogation of the data can identify vehicles in the fleet that are not performing optimally, allow for optimising service intervals, based on the task, and can influence future buying decisions. Collecting a long history of UOA coupled with a good service history of a piece of equipment can also increase resale value.