Old timers roll into Melbourne

An eclectic collection of antique vehicles, including a number of Internationals, will be on display at the Melbourne showgrounds as part of the forthcoming International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show (ITTES).

Whilst show goers will be able to view every new age piece of trucking technology imaginable at the event, they may be forgiven for thinking they’ve taken a step back in time when they witness a special collection of trucks that put in the hard yards during the industry’s formative era.

Among these trucks will be a 1966 International R190 that once played an active role in the Linfox fleet and still proudly wears its yellow and red livery. This model rose to prominence during the 1950s and for the next decade or so was one of the most popular trucks on Australian highways.

Also fronting up will be a very rare red 1952 International L205 which is likely to generate much interest among visitors. Although this model played an important part in America’s trucking history, it was never actually released onto the Australian market.

One of the oldest vehicles to be shown is a 1940 International KS 5. ‘Ol Sweetheart’ was used by A. Jack Turner inVictoria’s Notting Hill district.

The commercial road transport industry has continued to keep Australia moving for decades upon decades. And, while the trucks used to transport goods across the country have continued to evolve as a result of technological developments, safety advancements and upgrades in design and capabilities, the show’s organising body believes it’s important to reflect on the machinery that played a significant role in shaping the industry we know today.

The ITTES is a free event for both trade and the general public, with visitors encouraged to register for entry via www.trucktrailershow.com.au.