Old Trucks Vs New Trucks

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Yes, it’s a silly ad pitting old trucks vs new trucks in an advert for Philips truck parts in the USA, but it also shows us how far we have come in little more than a lifetime. Truck traffic barely existed before the period between the First and second World Wars, the heavy lifting had been done by horses and trains up until that point.

Once trucks started top become a c competitive form of transport the whole industry has leapt forwards in leaps and bounds. We are also on the cusp of a few more quantum leaps in technology and a series of game changers for trucking.

Electric trucks are not far away and already appearing in low mileage solutions. One step up in battery technology and the queue for a new electric truck will start to grow fast, when the cost savings are found to be real. Of course, this will lead inevitably to lower freight rates and we will be back to square one, but with low emission trucks.

Autonomous trucks are also close to arriving here in Australia. Developments are rapidly happening in the technology involved and the infrastructure is starting to be prepared.

The hydrogen to electric power in. the Nikola One truck in this particular advert is not necessarily going to take over the world, but the clever Nikola designers put it together with straight battery power in mind and can make the switch as and when needed.