On the Slide

This is one of those videos which makes life very uncomfortable for many in the industry. It’s an unloaded A-double set pulling up at the lights in wet conditions. The lead trailer goes sideways, but luckily there is no-one hurt in this incident. The driver must have thought they would make it though on a green light band and was taken by surprise when it turned red. Not enough anticipation going on here. These trucks are running in a sensitive area with a lot of traffic around, the drivers need to be super-vigilant, and well trained. There will be very little tolerance of any mistake from the authorities.


Knowing how to control a skid is a fine art, borne out of long experience. Here’s an old video of drivers at the Mount Cotton Training Centre in Brisbane trying to synchronise trailers in skids. Notice how much variation there is between the trucks and in the same truck on different runs. Even the professional trainers struggle to get it right:


Here’s a training video to show what happens when a trailer locks up. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many videos about doing this with the A-double”


Finally, a bunch of inexperienced drivers getting some much needed time with an out-of-control truck on a skid pan: