One Million Clicks For Truckright

One Million Clicks For Truckright

Last week, the milestone of one million clicks for Truckright, the industry vehicle owned by Rod Pilon Transport, was reached by, industry campaigner, Rod Hannifey. The Kenworth K200 reached one million kilometres, just prior to attending the ACRS Road Safety Conference in Canberra where it was on display for the three days.


One Million Clicks For Truckright


Truckright was awarded Highly Commended in last year’s 3M Diamond ACRS Road Safety Awards. This year, Rod Hannifey presented on the Green Reflector Marking of Informal Truck Bays at the conference and the Green Reflectors were also a finalist in the 3M Diamond ACRS Road Safety Awards.


VicRoads won funding in the recent fifth round of the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Funding package and will fit a further 470 km of the Princes Highway with green reflectors. NSW are aiming to complete four North West NSW Highways with green reflector marking of informal truck bays, with funding from the previous round.


The Newell Highway was completed with green reflector marking of informal truck bays earlier this year. After 17 years promoting this, Rod has vowed to keep doing so until, either there are enough suitable truck bays, or the green reflectors become a national road safety project.


According to Rod, the Truckright Industry Vehicle is the only working truck of its’ kind in the world to do a million kilometres promoting the road transport industry and road safety. Rod chose the occasion of the one million km milestone to thank Rod Pilon Transport for their enormous support in allowing him to campaign for safety.


There are many others who have supported this initiative since Rod first came up with the concept. A donated truck from Ken Wilkie helped start it all off and a broad range of sponsors get a mention on the trailer curtains. This product sponsorship and support allows Rod the scope to have such a vehicle on the road. Transport companies have contributed and allowed use of photos of their vehicles, to ensure the artwork covers most of the industry segments and vehicle configurations.


One Million Clicks For Truckright


“I wish to publicly thank all who have contributed and or supported the Truckright Industry Vehicle (TIV) initiative,” said Rod, this week. “In achieving the one million in just over five years, I have still managed to write submissions and emails, to set up all the riders and events the TIV attends and have put at least 1,000 hours a year over and above driving etc, into having the TIV look it’s best for events and on the road. So I do think I have put in a fair effort.


“To the many who have done a trip with me to learn and feel our issues on the roads, to those who have invited me to events to allow me to put the TIV in front of more people, to those who have seen it and read the curtains and or commented on it and to the drivers on the road who have offered positive comment and support, again, thank you for your support.


“I wish I could get it in front of more people, but those who have commented on the TIV and my efforts, certainly make me feel the effort is both recognised and valued. I hope to be able to do another million promoting the road transport industry and road safety and welcome any comment, support and suggestions on how to see this achieved.”


If you want to help get hold of Rod Hannifey at or 0428120560.