Open for feedback as trials continue with MX-13 engines in Kenworth trucks

IMG_1625There is nothing better than a manufacturer bringing a new innovation to the market. What’s remarkable is an extended development program and getting the feedback from customers and the media.

PACCAR Australia has done just this as it puts its well tested and proven MX-13 engines, currently running in real world applications in DAF vehicles since 2007, into its Kenworth range.

PACCAR clearly states however, this is not a launch and the man in charge of the process Brad May, PACCAR Australia Product Development Manager, sings a tune of: “We’ll let you know when we’re finished testing,” with a purposeful lack of deadline in place because they want to fully test the product in a thorough evaluation stage.

In 2012, PACCAR Australia commenced an extensive field test program consisting of MX-13 powered Kenworth vehicles. The trial extends to T403, T409 and T409SAR Kenworth models. The Mt Cotton drive event this week provided a platform for customers to experience the product during the testing and validation phase.

One of the major validation areas is the move from 12 to 24 V electrical system and the trial is looking at how the components cope with Australian conditions.

The MX-13 engine credentials and specifications ideal for a variety of heavy duty applications including single trailers, tipper and dog and B-Doubles.

The program delivered the ‘Voice of Customer’ feedback enabling identified product enhancements to be integrated and tested prior to production release say the company.

 The PACCAR MX-13 engine provides the optimal balance of power and fuel economy. The six cylinder in-line turbo charged diesel engine is being trialled with 460hp and 510hp ratings, offering 1,700 and 1,850 lbft of torque respectively, which is available over a wide rpm range from 1000rpm to 1410rpm.

To comply with ADR80/03 emission requirements, the MX-13 utilises SCR technology. In addition, SMART fuel injection technology is used to deliver high injection pressures combined with precise injection timing and mutli point injection. The outcome is an optimised combustion process resulting in low emissions of particulate matter and excellent fuel efficiency.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine incorporates a number of design innovations, including, but not limited to compact graphite iron used in the block and head design, fractured cap technology used with connecting rods and main bearing cap, aluminium ladder frame construction, integrated lubrication module, rear of engine gear train, encapsulated wiring harness and integrated engine brake for optimum stopping power.

These features offer a long term value proposition and low overall cost of ownership through increased uptime and reliability, ease of maintenance and longer service intervals.