Order Delay Probable


The possibility of a delay in the implementation in the, potentially damaging, Minimum Rates Order looks a distinct possibility. A nationally syndicated hearing of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal on Tuesday saw representations by representatives of the trucking industry to the tribunal, calling for a delayed implementation of the Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016.


At the hearing, the RSRT came up with a draft variation on the order, which is causing so much concern in the trucking community, delaying its introduction until January 1 2017, instead of the, currently proposed, start date of April 4 2016.


Brisbane Road_20060622_0452


According to the trucking industry associations, pressure still needs to be applied to the RSRT, to ensure it carries through with the proposed delay. NatRoad’s CEO, Warren Clarke, has said the industry has until 10 am on Monday, March 21, to get submissions in to the RSRT.


NatRoad has posted a template on line which operators can fill in and send to the tribunal. The statements need to be signed, dated, scanned and sent urgently by email to inquiries@rsrt.gov.au before 10 am on Monday.


In its report on the hearings the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association of NSW described the situation as being one which has profoundly changed, ‘The hearing revealed a body in full retreat, but we must not let down our guard. The Tribunal is wounded, but able to strike back if we relent for a second time.’


At the hearing on Tuesday morning, the Australian Industry Group presented a statement on behalf of the trucking industry, which can be downloaded here.