Orders flowing in for new Cummins ISXe5

Cummins’ new addition to its 15-litre line-up, the ISXe5, has been the focus of the biggest field test ever carried out by Cummins in Australia for a new truck engine.

The original 15 field test units have accumulated over three million kilometres since mid-2012 in single trailer, B-double and roadISXe5 Ctrain applications.

The success of the field test is emphasised by the fact that over 150 ISXe5 engines, which utilise SCR technology for Euro 5 emissions compliance, are now in service in Australia and New Zealand.

“The field test results have confirmed strong customer acceptance of the ISXe5 in terms of reliability, fuel efficiency and performance,” says Sean McLean, general manger of automotive products for Cummins South Pacific.

“Most of the customers involved in the field test have placed orders for further ISXe5 engines.”

The field test program has also ensured that Cummins has comprehensive service and parts support in place through the Cummins Support Centre and network of 37 branches in the South Pacific.

|The ISXe5 offers customers a technology choice in that it is available alongside Cummins’ 15-litre ISX /Signature engine which utilises EGR and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for ADR80/03 emissions compliance.

The ISXe5 has identical ratings to the EGR engine, from 450 to 600 hp and 1650 to 2050 lb ft of torque.
The ISXe5 also has the same base hardware as its EGR counterpart, but features an XPI (extreme pressure injection) common-rail fuel system, a standard wastegate turbocharger and one overhead cam instead of two.

The common-rail fuel system deletes the need for an injection camshaft, thus allowing the switch from a twin to single overhead cam design, with the single cam operating inlet and exhaust valves as well as engine brake actuation.

XPI provides very precise injection and combustion control. It operates independently of engine speed and generates injection pressures greater than 30,000 psi.
All ISXe5 engines also include the Cummins Intebrake, providing the strong engine brake retardation for which the ISX/Signature engine is renowned. All ISXe5 ratings 485 hp and above feature peak retardation of 600 hp.

The SCR exhaust after treatment on the ISXe5 is a fully integrated system developed by Cummins Emissions Solutions, dosing urea/AdBlue into the exhaust stream to reduce NOx emissions.