Paccar Increase Capacity

Paccar Increase Capacity

A second parts distribution centre sees Paccar increase capacity in its Parts Division. The new PDC in the Brisbane logistics hub of Berrinba, south-west of Brisbane, is a move to reduce delivery times to dealers and boost parts availability to customers in its retail network.

Paccar Increase Capacity

The purpose-built facility features just over 6,000 m2 of warehouse space, and shipped its first orders in December, servicing locations throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. By year’s end it will supply locations in the Northern Territory and regional NSW.

The Brisbane PDC will enable PACCAR Parts to offer next day delivery to 74 per cent of its dealers, which represents an increase of next day deliveries by 68 per cent.

“Paccar Parts’ mission is uptime – moving customers and businesses forward. Ensuring the availability of parts and service to customers is the number one thing we need to do in the parts business,” said Chris Scheel , Paccar Parts General Manager. “For primary dealers we’re now delivering next day versus 3-4 days previously. For VOR’s (vehicle off road) the dealer drops in an order, we pick the part, and it’s received within hours.”

The Berrinba warehouse is the first Paccar PDC to use 100 per cent voice pick technology. Staff are fitted with headsets that tell them where to go and what to pick – and also in what order to determine the most efficient pick pattern.

“Voice-pick technology allows our distribution associates to have two hands free and keep their eyes where they are picking. This enhances quality, efficiency and safety,” said Scheel.

Berrinba is also the first Paccar PDC globally to feature ‘wire guidance’, an electro-mechanical system that controls vehicle steering by tracking an energised guide wire secured in the floor. This system frees operators from steering responsibilities in very narrow aisles, such as those that stock Paccar’s smaller stock items.

“Fast-moving parts are stored at the front of the building to really speed up velocity,” said Scheel.

Paccar Parts has also been working closely with dealers to improve retail availability. This has resulted in a 45 per cent reduction in emergency orders over the past five years; and 97 per cent retail availability He notes this has been achieved in a period when stock-keeping units have grown by 35 per cent.

This growth will be sustained, in part, by big investments both in product as well as the dealer/retail network.

Speaking at the PDC opening, Paccar Australia Managing Director Andrew Hadjikakou said the company would invest heavily in new product over the next two years, including two new Kenworth models under development (T410 and T360); and the move to locally manufacturing of DAF, starting with the best-selling CF mid-year.