Patchy results in truck sales

2015 has been a year of mixed results for the truck manufacturers in Australia, according to the latest truck sales figures published by the Truck Industry Council. The overall results see the truck market recovering from a very slow start to reach the halfway mark of 2015 with 781 more sales than at the same point in 2014.




The variability of the situation is illustrated by changes in market share for a number of brands. Hino has gained ground on its Japanese rivals at the same time as Kenworth, Iveco and Freightliner have seen market share slip.     In the heavy duty market, Kenworth remains unshakeable in its number one position at the same time as coming out with fewer sales in the first six months of 2015, compared to 2014. The overall sales in this segment are still down at 4,642, compared to 5,147 last year.


Volvo’s year to date figures are up by 32 trucks sold so far this year, but this translates to a jump in market share from 12.7 to 14.7 per cent. Isuzu also continue to grow, as a force, up to a 12.1 per cent market share, largely due to continuing strong twin steer sales.


It’s steady as she goes in the medium duty segment. The overall results for most truck brands are on a similar scale to those achieved last year, by June. Small losses in market share by both Isuzu and Fuso are reflected in a concomitant gain for Hino’s.


The action all seems to be taking place in the light duty truck market this year with total sales of 4,574, so far this year, up 577 on 2014. This is close to a 13 per cent increase, year on year. Isuzu’s sales are up but the main beneficiaries of the increased demand have seen Hino, Fuso and Mercedes Benz pick up numbers, substantially.


The positive results at the lighter end of the market are also evident in the market for vans over 3.5 tonnes GVM. 2015 has seen, close to, a 30 per cent increase on sales so far this year, compared to last. All six players in this segment of the market are showing increased sales in 2015, with Renault and Ford getting the most traction.


These results from the TIC probably confirm what many other sectors of the economy are finding, business is hard to predict with many variation and fluctuations. A patchy transport market with clear regional and industry sector variations is leading to a truck market with a a similar profile.