Patrick/ACFS is Go

This week marks a major milestone for ACFS with its new joint venture with Patrick opening for business. Effective the August 1, the new operating and organisational structure has commenced, and is currently being transitioned into the business with immediate effect.


Innovative Fleet Use Powers ACFS Ahead



According to the ACFS CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, representatives of both companies will be working closely in order to effect a seamless transition. Tzaneros wrote a letter informing staff of the progress of the integration and reassuring his team of a secure future. During the transition, 450 current ACFS employees will move across into the new venture.



“The transition plan is in place, and we will keep you notified about the new organisation as it takes shape in coming days,” said Tzaneros. “The effects of these changes, will be minimal to many of you.



“Our aim is simple, to create Australia’s best container logistics business with a reputation second to none in the market place for customer service and operational excellence. Being a market leader, with a strong focus on customer service is imperative to our success as a company, and as individuals.



“We will work will work hard as a group, to create a ‘one team, one culture, one brand’ entity so that the new business fulfils another major ambition we’ve set for it – to be a growth opportunity for our people.”



In the short term, both of the ACFS and Patrick brands will appear jointly to demonstrate the 50/50 nature of the business the two entities have formed. The business will be formally branded as ACFS Port Logistics.



A number of members of the Patrick management and some employees will also transition across into the new business. Culturally, this is expected to be vital to the success of the business going forward, according to Tzaneros.



“Personally, I’d like to also extend a warm welcome to our new board members in Murray Vitlich and Jeff Procter who will join both Terry Tzaneros and myself on the board,” said Tzaneros, in the letter. “I would also like to thank James Dorney and his extended leadership team throughout Patrick and Asciano, for their efforts and continued assistance throughout the transition. Most importantly, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued contribution and hard work, and I look forward to our continued success.”