Permanent All-Wheel Drive System

Available in both single and dual cab configurations with GVM ratings of 4,495 and 5,500 kg and a towing capacity of 3,500 kg, the Iveco Daily 4×4 has a permanent all-wheel drive system dividing the power 32/68 per cent between front and rear axles.

Permanent All-Wheel Drive System

Dimensions include a 3,400 mm wheelbase, 2,600 mm overall height and 5,420 mm overall length. Importantly for a 4×4, front and rear track widths are identical at 1,670 mm while ground clearance is 255 mm. Departure and approach angles are 48 and 39 degrees, respectively, with a ramp-over angle of 153 degrees. Both single and dual cabs feature a kerb-to-kerb turning circle of 13.4 m and kerb masses of 2,700 and 2,990 kg, respectively. Wading depth is 660 mm and there’s a switch in the cab to turn off the engine cooling fan during water crossings. Nifty!

Nestled beneath the steeply sloping snout is a 3.0 litre common-rail diesel featuring a variable geometry turbo. Using a combination of EGR and SCR technology, it delivers 170 hp (125 kW) between 3,000 and 3,500 rpm coupled with 400 Nm of torque maintained across a broad band from 1,250 to 3,000 rpm. Iveco claims a low AdBlue use of just three litres for every 100 litres of fuel burn.

Permanent All-Wheel Drive System

The six-speed manual transmission features a 0.79:1 overdrive top and connects to a double reduction transfer box providing a total of 24 ratios. A lever to the left of the driver’s seat enables normal high and low range selection, while to the left resides a second lever providing an additional reduction in low range of 1:1.3.

This means the slowest ratio is a staggering 1:101 which enables the Daily 4×4 to creep, literally at a snail’s pace, down the steepest incline without touching the brakes. Similarly, when ascending a rocky mountain trail it provides the means for clambering over boulders without the damage inducing momentum, needed if such a low crawler ratio wasn’t available.

This feature, coupled with front, rear and inter-axle diff locks, selected via dash mounted buttons, certainly gives the vehicle a formidable advantage over less equipped competitors in severe off-road conditions. Suspension is by way of parabolic leaf springs, three-leaf packs at the front and four-leaf at the rear. The fuel tank holds 90 litres.

Permanent All-Wheel Drive System

On the safety front the new Daily 4×4 rates highly. The cab is now crash test certified to the ECE-R29 standard applying to trucks. Front disc and rear drum brakes are controlled by an EBS known in Iveco parlance as ESP9. This includes all the usual features as well as automatic hill hold, trailer sway mitigation and brake fade compensation.

Put simply, it takes the reins in any situation where a loss of traction or vehicle instability is detected. Importantly for 4WD enthusiasts, the system is deactivated when low range is selected.

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Author: Paul Matthei

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