Pink Truck for Pilbara

The all new donated pink truck for Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls has been unveiled in its new colour scheme. The Volvo FH16 is one the two new donated trucks PHHG will be using in training new to the industry people in live work environments.


pink truck for pilbara


The Volvo Group Australia President and CEO Peter Voorhoeve handed over the keys to Heather Jones, CEO of Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls in the lead up to the recent ITTES Melbourtne Truck Show. The trucks, which have been donated by Volvo Group, are also being supported by NTI, Jost, Pirelli, Hella and Signs Ahead.


“This is a history making event,” said Jones. “We are trying to find new drivers, but now the leaders in safety are partnering with us in developing drivers for companies by providing trucks on the road.


“I’m so excited, because after such a long time, someone is coming on board and taking the lead with training. They are looking at the future for drivers. I think there is a need for certification, something like, heavy haulage company, Mammoet’s passport program. If you are trained and have the knowledge, have the passport, you can go anywhere in the world and work for the company.”


“I’ve been working with the WA Government to improve licensing, looking at load restraint and adding a few more things. We don’t want more red tape, we actually need more training , so they can do the job. The biggest thing is their attitude.”


pink truck for pilbara


Talking about the culture in the trucking industry and the issues which makes the trucking industry unattractive to women, Jones reckons the culture flows down from the top to the bottom. Middle management and the way recruitment works influences the culture at the driver level.