Pirate Adblue Warning

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A warning has been published this week, concerning the potential damage, which can be caused by non-authorised Adblue. Hino Australia has released an alert, warning truck owners of the potential risk of damage to vehicles caused by the use of non-genuine urea AdBlue or diesel exhaust fluid and lubricants, which do not meet OEM standards.




From the Hino range, AdBlue is required in Hino 700 Series trucks, which is fitted with an SCR emissions control systems to meet the current regulations. According to Hino, ‘Pirate’ AdBlue from non-authorised sources has the potential to damage the AdBlue dosing unit and/or the SCR muffler unit, which leads to expensive repairs. This can easily be avoided through the use of genuine AdBlue.


Failure of the AdBlue dosing unit (and therefore the SCR system) can cause nitrogen oxides emissions levels to rise. Additionally, SCR system failure can lead to significantly reduced engine power output due to the truck’s ECU registering increased emission output, as well as other unforeseen damage to the truck’s engine.


Hino go on to say, the company’s diesel engines require specifically graded lubricants to ensure optimal performance and durability; use of incorrect engine oils has the potential to block the catalyst system, cause premature wear and even increase fuel consumption.


Hino Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter is quoted as saying the best way for Hino owners to have peace of mind about the long-term reliability of their truck’s engine and SCR System is to use Hino Genuine AdBlue and lubricants.


“Hino offers a comprehensive range of genuine fluids and lubricants for Hino trucks and buses which are recommended by the factory that built the engine,” said Lotter. “Hino Genuine AdBlue® meets ISO standards and is safe for Hino SCR systems because of the quality materials it’s made from, and the thorough testing each batch undergoes prior to distribution.


“Correctly maintained Hino engines can cover very large distances and SCR emissions control systems can do their job with very little maintenance – using Hino genuine fluids and lubricants is a cost-effective way to maintain Hino trucks and buses for long-term performance.”